Molicare Maxi Incontinence Slip, Large – Ctn/4

Molicare Maxi Incontinence Slip, Large – Ctn/4


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Code: 44165533

Supplier Part: 165533

Unit: CAR 56

The Molicare Maxi Incontinence Slip offers protection for severe incontinence patients and is made with comfortable re-closable side-tabs for a perfect-fit guarantee. 

Molicare Maxi Incontinence Slip also provides optimal patient flexibility and confidence from the polyethylene back sheet, neutralises odour and maximum leakage protection.

Features and Benefits:

The Molicare Maxi Incontinence Slip incorporates accessible and quick application with its re-closable tabs that can be applied from a lying or standing position. The unique ergonomics also reduces additional physical strain on patients and caregivers. 

The polyethylene back sheet provides elevated patient flexibility and security aided by the 3-layer absorbent core and leakage cuffs and ensures clean and dry skin while maintaining skin pH to reduce skin irritation from incontinence.


  • Brand: Hartmann Group
  • Product: MoliCare® Maxi Incontinence Slip Large (44165532)
  • Sterility: Non-sterile
  • Feature: Re-closable side tapes and polyethylene back-sheet
  • Absorbency ISO: 9 Drops (2153 – 3815mL)
  • Waist/Hip Measurement 120 – 150cm
  • Unit of Measurement: Carton of 4
  • Image is sample of product.



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