Mini 3000 OTOSCOPE

Mini 3000 OTOSCOPE

Code: HED0170210

Supplier Part: D-001.70.210

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Heine mini 3000® Otoscope 2.5V Black.


  • Heine mini 3000 otoscope black
  • Heine mini 3000 battery handle
  • 5x AllSpec disposable tips 2.5mm Ø
  • 5x AllSpec disposable tips 4mm Ø
  • Batteries


  • Compact pocket otoscope with direct illumination
  • Modern pocket otoscope in a unique, compact design.
  • Can only be used with the mini 3000 handle system.
  • Available in black or blue.
  • Instrument head matt-black inside.
  • Eliminates reflexes.
  • Enhanced XHL Xenon Halogen Technology with 100% more light compared with
    conventional bulbs.
  • Very bright, concentrated white light for perfect illumination.
  • 2-piece handle and head. Easy to maintain, flexible.
  • Compatible with other mini 3000 instrument heads.
  • Viewing window with 3 x magnification and optimised casing surface for razor-
    sharp images and minimal reflection.
  • Swivelling viewing window built into instrument.
  • Useful for instrumentation, cannot be mislaid.
  • High-quality handle: Chrome-finished upper section / refined plastic.
  • Shockproof, sturdy, non-slip.
  • Attachment clip with integrated on / off switch.
  • Secure. Switches off automatically when returned to the pocket. 20,000 switch cycles guaranteed.
  • Replaceable batteries. Size AA, or optional rechargeable battery with mini NT table
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