RETeval-DR™ Electroretinograph

RETeval-DR™ Electroretinograph

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RETeval-DR Electroretinograph is designed for healthcare providers who want to improve management of their patients with diabetes.
The RETeval-DR objectively screens for vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy with a 99.2% negative predictive value in just 3 minutes.
  • Non-mydriatic for patient comfort
  • Quickly screen for vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy wherever patients with diabetes receive their care
  • Time savings for the clinician and patient
  • No advanced clinical training is required to perform the test or read the results. ReTeval-DR provides immediate test results and report
  • High accuracy and low technical failure rate
  • A lower cost option compared to dilated eye exams and teleretinal imaging services
  • Handheld and battery powered
  • Medicare Bene? ts Schedule Item Number 11204


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