URGOCLEAN ROPE 2.5X40cm - Box/5

URGOCLEAN ROPE 2.5X40cm - Box/5


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Code: AM100374

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Unit: box

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UrgoClean Rope is a sterile, non-woven rope, composed of poly-absorbent fibres that are highly absorbent and cohesive.

In contact with exudate, the poly-absorbent fibres of UrgoClean gel, swell and bind to the sloughy residue, absorbing and draining it to aid elimination (autolytic debridement). The creation of this gel maintains a moist environment, in contact with the wound, which promotes the healing of desloughed areas, trapping exudate and preventing their lateral diffusion.


  • Packaged with a probe to assess the wound depth
  • Absorption and controlled diffusion of exudate
  • Absorption and trapping of bacteria
  • Removal of dressing in one piece due to the strength of the poly-absorbent fibres
  • Maintenance of a moist environment in contact with the wound, favourable to healing of desloughed areas

UOM: Box/5's

Size: 2.5cm x 40cm

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