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cobas b 101 system offers HbA1c diagnosis and monitoring at the Point of Care


The cobas b 101 system includes tests for glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c), lipid panel and C-reactive protein (CRP) on the same device.

Benefits for your patients

Better patient compliance

  • Compared with laboratory testing, POC HbA1c testing has been shown to significantly increase the proportion of patients achieving their diabetes glycaemic control.1

Combined testing

  • The cobas b 101 system includes tests for glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c), lipid panel and C-reactive protein (CRP) on the same device.

Simple and easy sample collection

  • Direct blood sample application onto disc from a finger prick, with no need for tubes or pipettes for sample collection or transfer.  Test discs can be conveniently stored at room temperature (2-30°c).

Fast turnaround time

  • HbA1c result in 5 minutes.  On the spot results in just 3 simple steps.  Dual testing from one finger prick sample allows for HbA1c test and lipid panel within  15-minute workflow cycle.

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Benefits of cobas b 101 System

Easy and intuitive to use

Colour touch screen with a user friendly interface that has the same look and feel of other Roche Point of Care devices.

Compact and portable

Lightweight and portable.  Weighs 2kg, with small footprint.

Improves workflow efficiency

Patient data storage with 5,000 patient results.  500 QC results and 50 Operator IDs.

Automatic calibration on each disc

Samples and discs are checked for integrity and all steps of the process are controlled.  No service required.

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Consultation steps for HbA1c




cobas b 101 Products

cobas b 101 System

RRP: $5,381.64 $4,152.50 ex GST Save: $1,229.14

cobas b 101 HbA1c controls 4x1mL

RRP: $312.43 $265.18 ex GST Save: $47.25

cobas b 101 HbA1c discs- Box/10

RRP: $172.22 $146.17 ex GST Save: $26.05

cobas b 101 Lipids discs - Box/10

RRP: $172.22 $146.17 ex GST Save: $26.05

cobas b 101 Lipids controls 4 X 2.0ml

RRP: $338.88 $287.63 ex GST Save: $51.25

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