PDS® Plus Antibacterial Suture Violet 3-0 70cm SH 26mm - Box/36

PDS® Plus Antibacterial Suture Violet 3-0 70cm SH 26mm - Box/36


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Code: 10013944

Old Code: JJPDP316H

Supplier Part: PDP316H

Unit: BOX 36

The old code for this product is: JJPDP316H

PDS® Plus Antibacterial Suture is a tissue control device that offers stronger and more superior tissue-closing strength than traditional sutures for high-tension areas, such as fascia. The suture can be applied in situations that require extended wound support. Has shown in vitro to inhibit and protect the suture from bacterial colonisation. The monofilament design and polymer properties reduce frictional force, allowing smoother glides which result in easier use and application. The use of this suture has not been established in neural tissue, cardiovascular tissue, microsurgery, or contact with the cornea or sclera.


  • Brand: Ethicon
  • Product: PDS® Plus Antibacterial Suture (JJPDP316H)
  • Suture Size: 3-0
  • Length: 27inches/70cm
  • Colour: Violet
  • Material/Composition: Triclosan, Polydioxanone
  • Absorbability: Absorbable
  • Directionality: Unidirectional
  • Needle Name: SH
  • Needle Length: 26mm
  • Needle Point Type: 1/2 Circle Taper Point
  • Unit of Measure: Box of 36
  • Image is sample of product



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