Why Choose an OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor?

In the article below we will be reviewing OMRON Blood Pressure Monitors which we believe to be some of the best BP Machines on the market.

Hypertension is a growing concern for Australians which is often caused by obesity. To ensure you monitor your patient's blood pressure accurately, a Blood Pressure monitor is considered an essential device in any medical practice.

Alot of medical practices still use the conventional sphygmomanometer,  however technology has advanced over the last decade and we are now seeing a new era of digital blood pressure monitors which offer ease of use for patients to use at home who have little or no medical training.

Conventional blood pressure monitors use a manually inflated bladder cuff that wraps around the arm. A doctor or healthcare professional would then use a stethoscope to listen to the artery wall sounds to determine if there are any issues. This process is referred to as the auscultatory  method of measuring blood pressure.

OMRON have a large range of digital blood pressure monitors that are considered to be some of the most accurate BP machines available. 

What are the benefits of using a blood pressure monitor at home?

Whether you have been diagnosed with hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) or you want to keep track of your health, a blood pressure monitor is a must have at home for keeping your numbers under control.

Home-based monitors are usually digital and the whole measurement process is almost automatic. 

Amongst different types of BP machines, the finger type may not be as reliable as upper arm or wrist monitors, that’s why OMRON offers you a wide range of clinically validated machines for you to decide which blood pressure monitor suits you the best.

The Omron HEM7156 Blood Pressure Monitor provides simple, reliable and accurate blood pressure measurement at the touch of a button. This blood pressure monitor also incorporates a 60 reading memory with date and time and a 360º IntelliWrap Cuff.

Omron HEM7156 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor