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Fixomull® Skin Sensitive

Leukoplast® believes that wound care should be tailored to the patients needs. The Leukoplast® skin sensitive products offer the right solution for patients with fragile and compromised skin.

  • Older patients, an ever-growing group who frequently suffer from fragile skin.
  • Patients whose skin is compromised as a result of disease, medication or long-term treatment.
  • Infants whose skin is not yet fully developed and is therefore extra sensitive.

To ease the care of patients with sensitive skin Essity has expanded the proven Fixomull® product range with the addition of a very gentle fixation bandage – Fixomull® Skin Sensitive.

Thanks to the soft silicone adhesive extremely sensitive skin such as baby's skin, aging skin, parchment skin or cortisone skin are well looked after.

The perfect solution for gentle fixation that protects the skin integrity & avoids treatment related injuries.

Fixomull Skin Sensitive helps manage patients with fragile and/or compromised skin including the elderly, patients on long term medical treatment and infants.

Fixomull® Skin Sensitive Products

Fixomull® Skin Sensitive 5cm x 5m

Fixomull® Skin Sensitive 5cm x 5m

RRP: $43.05 $35.88 inc GST Save: $7.17

Fixomull® Skin Sensitive Transparent Dressing 10cm x 5m - Roll

Fixomull® Skin Sensitive Transparent Dressing 10cm x 5m - Roll

RRP: $74.71 $64.01 inc GST Save: $10.70

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