Attends for Men, Level 1 – Pkt/25

Attends for Men, Level 1 – Pkt/25


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Code: 10021292

Old Code: 23310020

Supplier Part: 36722/32253

Unit: PAC 25

The old code for this product is: 23310020

Attends For Men is a pad especially shaped to fit males. It is made of a soft breathable material.

  •  An anatomically shaped pad for light bladder weakness
  • Absorbent core to help reduce the risk of leakage, provide odour protection and skin dryness
  •  Fixation tape which allows the product to be worn with your own close fitting underwear

This product is available in absorbency levels 1 and 2.


  • Size: 14x14cm
  • Absorbency level 1 
  • UOM: Pkt/25
  • Image is sample of product


proderm 2018.jpg

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