Attends Cover-Dri Super 60 x 90cm - Pk/50

Attends Cover-Dri Super 60 x 90cm - Pk/50


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Code: 10021307

Old Code: 23310108

Supplier Part: 31693

Unit: PAC 50

The old code for this product is: 23310108

Attends Cover Dri underpads are designed to provide added surface protection for beds, mattresses, chairs and wheelchairs. The product has a unique hexagonal pattern with super absorbent materials that quickly lock urine into the pad.

Attends Cover Dri has a soft, skin-friendly top sheet that provides extra dryness and comfort. The hexagon pattern is a highly efficient way to form the most cells in the least amount of space.

Attends Cover Dri is available in a range of sizes. The Cover Dri Super is more absorbent than the Cover Dri Plus.



  • Hexagon design delivers improved protection and faster absorbency.
  • A strong, anti-slip backsheet, ensuring the pad will stay in place Very soft absorbent material (SAP) inside each cushion which efficiently absorbs the liquid and turns it into gel.
  • Odour protection features which reduce the development of unpleasant odours
  • The special 80*170 size includes bed-flaps for easy fixation under the mattress
  • Ease of use, with a light blue backsheet that makes it easy to place the pads correctly and helps to separate them from the white wash.


  • Topsheet Material: Nonwoven
  • Natural Odour : Yes
  • Protection: Yes
  • Backsheet: Polyethylen
  • Absorption Core Material: Fluff and superabsorbents
  • Elastics: No
  • Leakage Barriers: No
  • Breathable: No
  • UOM: Pk/50
  • Image is sample of product
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