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Code: HEC1600000

Supplier Part: O-160.00.002

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The HEINE Cube makes skin screening fast, flexible and intuitive. Introduce a new level of efficiency to your practice; simply capture, store and review images wirelessly and in 'real-time' from any room in your practice with up to 10 digital dermatoscopes.


  • Secure, fast and wireless image and data transfer
  • Integrates into patient management systems via GDT interface to save time and improve practice workflow
  • Individual and flexible work processes for dermatologists, doctors, group practices, nurses or medical assistants
  • Easy image assignment on the body map feature
  • Image comparison with multiple options; contour overlay, side-by-side, slide-over or up to four images at once will give you the perfect view
  • Patient data and images are stored securely on the password protected Cube, not on capture devices or in the “cloud”

Simple Set Up
It’s as simple as connecting your new mobile phone or new computer to your wireless network. Unpack the HEINE Cube, switch it on and use the provided access code to connect to the HEINE Cube integrated wireless network hotspot from your PC, laptop or tablet web browser. Download the HEINE Cube App to your mobile phone and you are ready to go.

Fast Image Capture
With the iPhone* in combination with the HEINE iC1 you can now capture high quality clinical or dermatological images fast and cable-free. You can then easily assign the image to a body map, make notes and automatically update the patient file. The high
quality image (up to 12 MP**) is then transmitted wirelessly and in real time to the HEINE Cube. The image is immediately available for you or other users on their connected devices.

Easy to use
You can now conveniently work with the information from your choice of device such as a tablet, laptop, or your office PC through the web browser interface. Easily compare images with 40x true magnification, add notes and further information, or print out the patient information as a pdf. The HEINE Cube integrated web browser interface is platform-independent, so it works on any operating system. GDT*** and DICOM**** are used as standard data transfer interfaces.

Individual & flexible work processes
We have focussed on flexible work processes when designing the application. The clever design allows for complete and comprehensive documentation. Paired with a mobile
phone and the corresponding HEINE Cube App, the HEINE Cube offers maximum flexibility. Your receptionist can enter patients into a work list too and you can see the name of your next patient straight away without having to look into their file. Work lists can be created for different consulting rooms as well as for different doctors.

The system enables you to store an unlimited number of images of one body region or single lesions, add individual diagnoses or comments. Simply capture images, assign to a
body map, then save. Automatically and wirelessly, the images are then saved on the HEINE Cube for review on any computer in the practice.

Image comparison
There are multiple ways to review the images, from a 1:1 comparison of the last and second last images. The photo gallery displaying up to 4 images to get a better overview of the chronological sequence of a lesion. Or in order to compare a single lesion in greater detail, we developed the slide-over function, which allows you to overlay two images.
With the help of the slider you can then cross-fade the images to get a better impression of the changes.


Please Note: The iC1 Digital Dermatoscope is not included. 

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