Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Container XT 20 Litre

Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Container XT 20 Litre

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The Extended Time Series (XT) of cryogenic refrigerators are designed for long-term storage of liquidsat cryogenic temperatures. Comes with a 3 year warranty.
Superior vacuum performance  with super insulation provides maximum holding times.
  • Evaporation rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate may be affected by the nature of the contents, atmospheric conditions, container history and manufacturing tolerances.
  • Work time is an arbitrary, reference-only value to estimate container performance under the actual operating conditions. Actual working time may vary widely depending on individual use patterns.
  • Comes with 5 year vacuum warranty, 2 year container warranty
  • made of high-strength aluminium alloy
  • Adopting advanced powder coating technique
  • Each unit comes complete with safety lock lid, neck, plug, leather (PU) bag and ladle

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