Bovie Aaron Cautery Super Fine Tip-SGL - Box/10

Bovie Aaron Cautery Super Fine Tip-SGL - Box/10


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Code: 10017093

Old Code: DCAA01

Supplier Part: AA01

Unit: BOX 10

The old code for this product is: DCAA01

The Bovie Aaron cautery has a new safety-enhanced, snap-design and is the only battery-operated cautery in the world to address known safety hazards of improper disposal.The improved cautery offers a new safety-enhanced design with a recessed button to reduce the potential for inadvertent activation. Bovie Aaron also modified the cautery units to allow the practitioner to “snap off” the end of the cautery for safe and effective removal of the battery power source.

 Recommendations (trouble-free use) :

  • A highly portable and easy to use cauterizing tool.
  • To operate, depress the finger switch. Current flows through the burner tip.
  • Fully disposable including the outer plastic handle, the batteries inside and the tip
  • Individually sterile packed, 10 per box
  • Includes 2 x AA batteries

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