Premium LogTag Vaccine Set with Reader

Premium LogTag Vaccine Set with Reader

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Premium LogTag Vaccine Set with Reader will accurately log the temperature of the vaccines in the fridge rather than the air temperature in the refrigerator.

LogTag Vaccine Set contains:

  • Premium LogTag with Display, External Probe and Replaceable Battery
  • ST100J External Probe
  • Glycol Buffer Leak-Proof Vial (glycol not included)
  • LogTag Analyzer Software on CD
  • USB Interface Reader

Also available without the USB Reader and Software.

How it Works: When a vaccine fridge door is opened, the air temperature in the refrigerator may rise quite rapidly, but the temperature of stored liquid vaccines will be much slower to react. Logging the temperature of a liquid will therefore give a much more accurate record of what your vaccines actually experienced.

This set has a LogTag attached to a probe that is immersed in glycol. It mimics the actual temperature experienced by vaccines in your refrigerator.


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