ContiĀ® Maceratable Patient Cleansing Dry Wipes - Pkt/75

Conti® Maceratable Patient Cleansing Dry Wipes - Pkt/75


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Code: 10017183

Old Code: CWW075PEE

Supplier Part: CWW075PEE

Unit: PAC 75

The old code for this product is: CWW075PEE

Conti® Maceratable Patient Cleansing Dry Wipes is made from airlaid tissue and is ideal for full body cleansing.

Soft, strong and highly absorbent, this wipe lathers well with soap and water and remains durable even when wet.

Features & Benefits:

Conti® Maceratable Wipes are also macerator friendly.
Conti® macerator friendly wipes give you unparalleled soft, gentle efficacy and save valuable time and money by avoiding macerator blockages. They save costs associated with the removal of clinical waste and also nurse time as wipes can be simply left in the bedpan after use greatly reducing infection risk.

Best in class
Independently proven to be significantly more absorbent than other brands on the market, Conti® has been the leading brand within the NHS and care sector for over 35 years.

Made in Britain
Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, Conti® wipes combine strength, softness and absorbency, delivering unparalleled performance. Conti® wipes provide the ideal solution for everyday patient cleansing, whilst also being gentle enough to be used on the most fragile and sensitive skin.

Market leader
Conti® patient cleansing wipes support healthcare workers in delivering excellent standards of care, offering an extensive range for all your needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work with you to understand your individual needs, and recommend the best possible products to deliver the best possible care.


  • Brand: Vernacare
  • Product: Conti® Maceratable Patient Cleansing Dry Wipes (CWW075P)
  • Size: 30cm x 28cm (each wipe)
  • Material - Airlaid Tissue
  • UOM: Packet of 75 wipes
  • Image is sample of product


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