Neria G27 8mmx80cm Tubing - Box/10

Neria G27 8mmx80cm Tubing - Box/10

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The neria™ infusion sets are expertly designed for subcutaneous drug delivery and are rigorously tested and approved for treating various conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, Thalassaemia, Primary Immune Deficiency, and Pain Management. neria™ infusion sets are ideal for healthcare professionals seeking reliable and effective subcutaneous infusion solutions.

Minimised Insertion Pain: The neria™ infusion sets feature a thin needle design to help reduce pain during insertion, making them a preferred choice for patients requiring subcutaneous drug delivery.

Skin-Friendly Adhesive: Each set includes a skin-friendly self-adhesive pad that eliminates the need for additional adhesive, ensuring comfort for patients with sensitive skin.

Durable Tubing: The infusion sets are equipped with strong double-layer tubing to ensure constant and reliable drug flow, essential for effective subcutaneous infusion therapy.

Reduced Drug Wastage: The double-layer small bore tubing has a low prime volume, minimising drug wastage and optimising medication usage.

Enhanced Safety: The neria™ guard and neria™ soft 90 sets come with a needle safety system to help prevent needle stick injuries, enhancing safety for healthcare professionals.

Patient Freedom: Most products in the neria™ range offer tubing disconnect options, allowing greater freedom and mobility for patients undergoing subcutaneous infusion therapy.

Standard Compatibility: All neria™ infusion sets come with a standard luer-lock connection, ensuring easy and secure attachment to various medical devices.


  • Cannula: Stainless
  • Steel Insertion angle: 90 degrees (straight in)
  • Disconnection: No
  • Needle gauge: G27
  • Needle length: 8mm
  • Tubing length: 80cm
  • Adhesive: Built in
  • Image is a sample of prouct

WARNING: Please read the instructions before use


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