Injection Pads Nichiban 100's

Injection Pads Nichiban 100's


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Code: 10017631

Old Code: CAD929

Supplier Part: DEF929

Unit: BOX 100

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The old code for this product is: CAD929

Unique application - Allows you to apply the pressure pad without contaminating the pad or adhesive. Hypoallergenic adhesive.

Adhesive bandage with hemostatic pad: The pad is made of an unwoven cellulose fabric; The tape is made of an unwoven fabric made mainly from pulp and polyester and acrylic adhesives.


  • Appropriate compression
    The 3 mm-thick round pad is highly absorbent, creating a compression effect
  • Round in shape, with secure fastening, high adhesive performance and strength
  • Mildly-irritating
    Tapes made of unwoven fabric mainly composed of flexible and breathable pulp and polyester, with acrylic adhesives also applied to it.
  • Sterilized
    Individually sterilized by EOG before packaging.
  • Hygienic and user-friendly design
    Easily and hygienically attached to the skin without needing to touch the pad or the adhesive.
  • Comes in two standard colours of white and beige
    We have beige coloured tapes that blend in well with the skin.
  • Backing: polypropylene non-woven fabric
  • Pad: cellulosic non-woven fabric
  • Adhesive: acrylic adhesive
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