Vasofix® Safety Intravenous Catheter PUR, 22Gx25mm - Box/50

Vasofix® Safety Intravenous Catheter PUR, 22Gx25mm - Box/50


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Code: 10018794

Old Code: BN426809

Supplier Part: 4269098S-03

Unit: BOX 50

The old code for this product is: BN426809
Vasofix® Safety is a peripheral IV catheter with an injection port and passive fully automatic needlestick protection. The Intravenous Catheter is a single-use device intended to generate intravascular access to sample blood and administer fluids/medication and blood/blood products intravenously. Vasofix® Safety Intravenous Catheter's back cut bevel allows for a wide choice of insertion angles and is designed for minimal puncture.
Vasofix® Safety Cather is equipped with a passive safety shield that helps eliminate needlestick injuries and related infections. The Intravenous Catheter has double flashback technology to confirm that both the needle and catheter capillary are inside the vessel. The first needle flash confirms the needle is in the vein, second catheter flash confirms the catheter is in the vein. The Catheter has fixation wings to assist with stabilisation and help reduce catheter movement.
  • Brand: B Braun.
  • Product: Vasofix® Safety Intravenous Catheter PUR (BN426809)
  • Gauge: 22G
  • Unit of Measurement: Box of 50
  • Packaging: Each
  • Image is sample of product
Warning - Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
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