Sodium Chloride 0.9% 100mL

Sodium Chloride 0.9% 100mL


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Code: 10019936

Old Code: AS3024

Supplier Part: INJ072

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: AS3024

Sodium Chloride (0.9%) Injection (100 mL)


Parenteral : prophylaxis of heat prostration or muscle cramps; sodium chloride or chloride deficiency; prevention or treatment of extracellular volume depletion; to dilute or dissolve drugs for IV, IM, or SC use; flushing of IV catheters; priming solution for haemodialysis; initiate and terminate blood transfusions; metabolic alkalosis when there is fluid loss and mild sodium depletion. Topical or Irrigation: relief of inflamed, dry, or crusted nasal membranes; as a topical irrigating or flush solution.

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