Tourniquet Single Patient Use 50cm - Box/25

Tourniquet Single Patient Use 50cm - Box/25


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Haines® Medical Australia’s Single Patient Use Tourniquet offers a simple, cost effective and better alternative to:

  • Disposable tourniquets as they offer a firm grip and one can be used for the duration of the patients stay unlike many disposable tourniquets
  • Reusable tourniquets offering reduced risk of cross infection for your patients (see below study)

Why switch to single patient use tourniquets?

A recent study examined 100 reusable tourniquets after use on patients’ arms and found that:

“61 per cent of them were colonised with bacterial species not normally found in the upper arm area. Multi-resistant organisms, including the superbug MRSA, were found in one quarter of the tourniquets.”

Source: Med J Aust 2011; 195 (5): 276-279

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce infection risk between patients
  • Reduce costs and time associated with cleaning of reusable tourniquets
  • Improve access to a fresh tourniquet (box of 25 ready to use)
  • Ensures a firm grip unlike many disposable tourniquets
  • MRI compatible
  • Can be used for one patient multiple times or disposed of after use
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to fit all limb shapes and sizes
  • Simple clip buckle mechanism for securing in place
  • Thumb grip for easy strap adjustments


  • Latex free
  • Disposable
  • Size: 50cm long x 2.5cm wide
  • UOM: Box/25
  • Image is sample of product
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