Nutrison Multi Fibre Enteral Tube Feed 500mL - Ctn/12

Nutrison Multi Fibre Enteral Tube Feed 500mL - Ctn/12

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Supplier Part: 78714

Unit: CAR 12

The old code for this product is: NX578714

Nutrison Multi Fibre Tube Feed is nutritionally complete, fibre enriched, and ready-to-use. Its fibre blend helps to maintain normal bowel function. It can be used in the dietary management of disease-related malnutrition or for patients lacking sufficient energy and protein in their diet. Nutrison Multi Fibre is suitable as a sole source of nutrition.

Features & Benefits:

This enteral tube feed contains a whey-dominant P4 protein blend, fish oils, medium chain triglycerides for easier fat digestion and absorption and carotenoids for their antioxidant and immune functions.


Brand: Nutricia

Product: Nutrison Multi Fibre (78714)

Nutrison Multi Fibre has a volume of 500mL and comes in a ready-to-hang bag

Unit of measure is a carton of 12 bags (12 x 500mL)

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