PreciseĀ® Apple & Raspberry Juice Level 2 185mL - Ctn/12

Precise® Apple & Raspberry Juice Level 2 185mL - Ctn/12

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Code: 10009593

Old Code: TF45803

Supplier Part: 45803

Unit: CAR 12

The old code for this product is: TF45803

The Precise® Ready-To-Drink Apple & Raspberry Thickened Beverages are a flavourful and convenient option for individuals with dysphagia to manage their hydration levels. The Precise® thickened beverages are mildly thick (Level 2) and do not have a bitter aftertaste. They are designed for quick and easy consumption on the go, with easily identifiable viscosity levels and no mixing required. The beverages comply with FSANZ Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) Labelling Requirements and are independently validated for safety. They are also freeze/thaw stable and highly rated for accessibility. Additionally, they are gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan suitable, and considered a clear fluid.


  • Brand: Precise®
  • Product: Precise® Ready-To-Drink Thickened Beverages (TF45803)
  • Product Flavour: Apple and Raspberry
  • Level: Mildly Thick- Level 2     
  • Unit of measurement: Carton of 12 
  • Image is sample of product. 



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