Ensure®Complete Balance nutrition chocolate powder, 850g - Ctn/6

Ensure®Complete Balance nutrition chocolate powder, 850g - Ctn/6


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Code: 10008293

Old Code: AB2211178

Supplier Part: 2211178

Unit: CAR 6

The old code for this product is: AB2211178

Abbott Ensure® Powder is available in Chocolate flavour with complete, balanced nutrition with 28 essential vitamins and minerals and, 8.6g Triple Protein Complex (whey, casein and soy) that is suitable for help adults meet their nutritional requirements. The Powder contains rich vitamins and minerals to build and maintain strong muscle, and support strong bones and immune health. Ensure Chocolate Powder also supports energy levels to reduce tiredness and fatigue and is enriched with prebiotic fibre (FOS) to help the gut and assist users at risk of developing disease-related malnutrition, such as recovering from surgery, injuries and illnesses.

  • Brand: Abbott
  • Product: Ensure® Chocolate Powder (AB2211178)
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Size: 850g
  • Unit of measurement: Carton of 6
  • Image is a sample of the product
  • Warning- always read the label and follow the directions for use



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