"Long Term Out of Stock"Ā  FresubinĀ® HP Energy Easybag 1000mL - Ctn/8

"Long Term Out of Stock"  Fresubin® HP Energy Easybag 1000mL - Ctn/8


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"Long Term Out of Stock" 

Rapid source of energy with optimal GI tolerance due to high MCT and Protein. Fresubin HP Energy is a 1.5kcal/ml, high protein tube feed for the dietary management of patients with or at risk of malnutrition, in particular with increased energy and protein needs and/or fluid restrictions.

Features & Benefits

High in Protein 75g per 1000ml (20% Energy)

Rich in MCT (57% of fat) for easy absorption

Contains EPA and DHA from Fish oil - known for anti-inflammatory effects

With Zinc for wound healing support

Low viscosity for easy application

Tube size > FR5 for pump assisted feeing

Tube size >FR12 for gravity feeding

Suitable Diets

Pump/gravity assisted feeding

High Protein High Energy

Fluid Restriction



Must be determined by the health care professional according to patients’ needs. Recommendation for complete nutrition ≥ 1.5 L/day (2250 kcal) or supplementary nutrition ≥ 0.5 L/day (750 kcal). Recommended tube size: ≥ CH 5 for pump assisted feeding, ≥ CH 12 for gravity feeding.


Store at room temperature. Once opened, use within 24 hours. Shake well before use!


Do not use if bag is damaged or swollen or content is coagulated. Do not mix with drugs. To be used under medical supervision. Monitor feeding rate. Suitable as sole source of nutrition. Not suitable for children ≤ 3 years. Use with caution in children ≤ 6 years. Not suitable for patients with galactosaemia. Ensure adequate fluid intake. Not for parenteral (I.V.) use!


Not suitable whenever enteral nutrition is not permitted such as in acute gastrointestinal bleeding, ileus and shock. Use with caution in severe organ failure with impaired metabolism and severe forms of malassimilation. Not suitable for patients with congenital inability to metabolise nutrients contained in Fresubin® HP Energy/Energy Fibre. Not suitable in patients with ketosis and acidosis due to high content of MCT.


  • Brand: Fresubin®
  • Product: Fresubin® HP Energy Easybag (7348231)
  • Size: 1000mL
  • UOM: Carton of 8 bags (8 x 1000mL)
  • Image is sample of product


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