RESOURCE® Protein Supplement Forest Fruits 200mL - Ctn/24

RESOURCE® Protein Supplement Forest Fruits 200mL - Ctn/24

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Code: 10012335

Old Code: NES2320

Supplier Part: 12075912

Unit: CAR 24

The old code for this product is: NES2320

RESOURCE® Protein is a high-protein supplement specifically formulated for those with additional protein requirements. Nestle RESOURCE® Protein is often used for specific medical purposes and is nutritionally complete.

Features and Benefits:

RESOURCE® Protein Forest Fruits is for oral use, providing 1.25kcal/mL. RESOURCE® Nestle Protein Supplement has multiple clinical indications such as assisting with malnutrition, geriatric nutrition, fluid restrictions, burns and traumas, chronic and acute disease, pressure ulcers and medication round programs.


  • Brand: Nestle Health Science
  • Product: RESOURCE® Protein Supplement (NES2320)
  • Flavour: Forest Fruits
  • Size: 200mL bottle
  • Unit of Measure: Carton of 24 (24 x 200mL)
  • Image is a sample of the product.
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