instant THICK™ Thickening Powder 100g Can

instant THICK™ Thickening Powder 100g Can


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Code: 10016069

Old Code: FCINST100E

Supplier Part: IT100

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: FCINST100E

instant THICK Powder, features Amylase Resistant™ technology, and designed to thicken food and drinks for individuals with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).

instant THICK Powder is made from premium-quality Xanthan gum, dissolves clearly without altering taste, making it suitable for a wide range of beverages including hot or cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, and medical solutions.

With the user-friendly one-scoop-per-serve system, instant THICK ensures quick, safe, and effortless usage contributing to improving hydration.

Gluten-free, nut and soy free.

Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.


  • Brand: Flavour Creations
  • Product: instant THICK Thickening Powder (IT100)
  • Level: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Size: 100g
  • Packaging: Can
  • Unit of measure: Each (1x Can)
  • Image is sample of product

*Please read the label and directions before use


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