Throat ScopeĀ® Illuminated Tongue Depressor Starter Pack

Throat Scope® Illuminated Tongue Depressor Starter Pack

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Throat Scope® is an illuminated tongue depressor & retraction device. Throat Scope provides a light source located inside the Oral Cavity for Easy, Fast, Accurate Intraoral Examination.

Throat Scope was designed to alleviate the stress involved in an oral cavity examination. It does this by combining a light source and tongue depressor in one. This allows for a free hand to better conduct and control the examination. It will also provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

The light source uses LED globes to provide a bright light to illuminate the mouth. Each light source lasts for approximately 20 hours.

This product has proven to be incredibly child friendly when examining the mouth and throat.

 Starter Pack includes:

  • 2 Blades and 1 Handle


  • One Handed Intraoral Device
  • 3 x Bright Natural White LEDs
  • Fast and Accurate Oral Assessment
  • LED light illuminates inside the Oral Cavity
  • Doubles as a Flash Light

UOM: Box/14

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