12 Channel Bluetooth or USB Based ECG

12 Channel Bluetooth or USB Based ECG

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Code: EM-1202

Supplier Part: PE-1202

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  • FIR digital filter to ensure no waveform distortion while eliminating all strong interference
  • Simultaneous 12 leads ECG acquisition and display (display format: 12*1,6*2,6*2+1R,3*4+1R,3*4+3R)
  • Precise ECG auto-interpretation program
  • Multiple printing formats (optional color printing): five kinds in landscape and five kinds in portrait.
  • Export ECG report in PDF/ JPG/ XML format
  • Easy operation, only three hotkeys for ECG acquisition: F1 “Sample”, F2 “Stop” and F3 “Print”
  • Powerful database management system for hundreds of thousands of ECG reports
  • Able to connect to ECG network management system
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