MovicolĀ® Powder Sachet Flavour Free Laxative 13.7g - Box/30

Movicol® Powder Sachet Flavour Free Laxative 13.7g - Box/30


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Code: 10010156

Old Code: SY008311

Supplier Part: 008311

Unit: BOX 30

The old code for this product is: SY008311

Movicol® Powder Sachets are flavour-free and an effective solution for constipation relief in adults (and children aged 12 years and above). It promotes comfortable bowel movement, regardless of how long constipation has affected you. This laxative can also be used to treat faecal importation, with advice from your doctor.

Features & Benefits:

Provides effective relief from constipation

Movicol® Flavour Free Powder is easy to prepare - just mix with 125mL of water or cordial drink

Product is gluten-free, lactose-free and sucrose-free, with no additional flavourings or sweeteners


Brand: Norgine

Product: Movicol® Flavour Free Powder (008311)

Product is flavour-free

Sachets contain 13.7g of powder mix

Unit of measure is a box of 30 sachets (30 x 13.7g)

Image is sample of product


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