Sudocrem® Healing Cream Zinc Oxide, 30g - Each

Sudocrem® Healing Cream Zinc Oxide, 30g - Each

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Sudocrem® 30g antiseptic healing cream is a clinically proven emollient cream that contains 15.25% zinc oxide, providing soothing and protective benefits to the skin. For over 20 years, Sudocrem® has been a trusted ally in Australia for managing incontinence both at home and in hospitals.
Sudocrem®cream creates a barrier between the skin and various substances that are known to cause irritation, including moisture, urine, and faeces, which contain irritating chemicals. It is suitable for use by infants, children, and adults who have incontinence.
One of the key advantages of Sudocrem® is that it does not clog pads and briefs, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. Additionally, it can be easily removed with a moist wipe or flannel, making cleanup convenient and hassle-free.
Sudocrem® is free from nuts, steroids, arachis oil, and latex, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring a safe experience for users.
  • Apply transparently to allow healing to be observed
  • Remember a small amount goes a long way
  • Clean and pat dry the affected area
  • Feather a small amount to the affected area leaving a translucent film on the skin
  • Re-apply as often as required (always clean and dry area before re-application)
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  • Brand: Sudocrem®
  • Product: Sudocrem® Healing Cream (10667783 )
  • Size: 30g
  • Active ingredient: Zinc Oxide
  • Unit of measurement: Each
  • Image is a sample of product
WARNING - Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


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