MicoletteĀ® 5mL Micro-Enema Tube - Box/12

Micolette® 5mL Micro-Enema Tube - Box/12


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Code: SY176338

Supplier Part: 176338

Unit: BOX 12

Micolette® may be used whenever there is a need to relieve constipation or open the bowels, when there are certain disturbances of bowel movement or opening of the bowels, and in preparation for examination of the rectum (back passage).

Micolette is a fast acting enema which works to soften bowel motions and gently assist bowel emptying without irritating the lining of the bowel.

Ingredients: Sodium citrate; Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate; Sorbitol


  • Product: Micolette® Micro-Enema Tube
  • Size: 5mL tubes
  • UOM: Box of 12 pieces (12x 5mL tubes)
  • Image is sample of product


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