Osmitrol 20% Mannitol Injection Bag 100g/500mL - Each

Osmitrol 20% Mannitol Injection Bag 100g/500mL - Each


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Code: 10017952

Old Code: BXAHB3025E

Supplier Part: AHB3025

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: BXAHB3025E

The 20% Osmitrol Injection Bag is used to prevent or treat kidney failure before irreversible kidney failure occurs by promoting diuresis to remove toxic substances. It can also be used to reduce elevated intraocular pressure when other means are not possible, reduce intracranial pressure, and treatment of cerebral oedema by reducing brain mass. This is given by intravenous infusion and is suitable for both adults and the elderly.


  • Brand: Baxter
  • Product: Osmitrol 20% Mannitol Injection Bag (BXAHB3025E)
  • Dosage: 100g/500mL
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Route of Administration: Intravenous Infusion
  • Storage Requirements: Store below 30 degrees Celsius
  • ARTG ID: 19496
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Visual Identification: Clear colourless solution
  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Image is a sample of product



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