3M™ Steri-Strip™ Adhesive Skin Closures, 6mm x 75mm White- BOX/50

3M™ Steri-Strip™ Adhesive Skin Closures, 6mm x 75mm White- BOX/50

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3M™ Steri-Strip™ Reinforced Adhesive Skin Closures are the standard in adhesive skin closures, trusted for their convenience, simplicity, and non-invasive design. Suitable for Critical Care, Emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Labour & Delivery, Medical-Surgical, Operating Room-Surgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Urgent Care and Wound Care.

Features and Benefits
3M™ has designed the Steri-Strip™ with a porous, non-woven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive, hypoallergenic adhesive and reinforced with polymer filaments for added strength. The Steri-Strip™ has been designed to enhance patient comfort, create less chance of infection and less scaring when compared to sutures and staples.

3M™ Steri-Strip™ Reinforced Skin Closure is a sterile, non-latex, breathable adhesive strip with versatility for strong, reliable closure of incisions and skin lacerations.


  • Brand: 3M™
  • Product: Steri-Strip™ Adhesive Skin Closures Reinforced (3MR1541)
  • Size: 6mm x 75mm
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Latex: Non-latex
  • Adhesive type: Acrylate
  • Colour: White
  • Unit of measurement: Box of 50
  • Image is a sample of product




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