VICRYL® Absorbable Sutures Violet 2 75cm M0-45 45mm - Box/12

VICRYL® Absorbable Sutures Violet 2 75cm M0-45 45mm - Box/12


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Code: 10014468

Old Code: JJ75953

Supplier Part: W9246

Unit: BOX 12

The old code for this product is: JJ75953

VICRYL® is an absorbable, violet braided monofilament suture comprised of a synthetic material called POLYGLACT" 910. VICRYL® Suture is a smooth suture that passes through tissue readily with minimal drag, and facilitates ease of handling, smooth tie down, and unsurpassed knot security. Due to being absorbable should not be used where extended approximation of tissue is required. 

VICRYL® Sutures are indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation where an absorbable material is indicated. 


  • Brand: Ethicon
  • Product: VICRYL® Absorbable Sutures (W9246) 
  • Colour: Violet
  • Needle Gauge: 2
  • Needle Length: 45mm
  • Thread Length: 75cm
  • Needle Name: M0-45
  • Needle Point Type: 1/2 circle taper point 
  • Absorbability: Absorbable
  • Material: POLYGLACT" 910
  • Unit of Measurement: Box of 12
  • Image is sample of product 



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