Daclon Nylon Suture 6/0 RC 12mm 75cm - Box/12

Daclon Nylon Suture 6/0 RC 12mm 75cm - Box/12

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Old Code: SA9071512

Supplier Part: SM9071512

Unit: BOX 12

The old code for this product is: SA9071512
The Daclon Nylon Suture 6/0 is designed with synthetic material to ensure minimal tissue reaction. The sutures are also made of monofilament with microscopic uniform diameter for a soft passage through the tissues without sawing, tissue drag and trauma. This makes the sutures easy to handle with easy and secure knotting properties. The hermetically sealed packing also guarantees seal and product sterility. Ideal for surgical uses.
  • Brand: Daclon
  • Product: Daclon Nylon Suture 6/0 12mm 75cm (SM9071512)
  • Suture Size: 6/0
  • RC: 12mm
  • Length: 75cm
  • Unit of Measure: Box of 12
  • Image is a sample of product 


WARNING - Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
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