PROLENE* Polypropylene Blue 45cm 7-0 C-1 13mm - Box/36

PROLENE* Polypropylene Blue 45cm 7-0 C-1 13mm - Box/36


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Code: 10014039

Old Code: JJEP8800H

Supplier Part: EP8800H

Unit: BOX 36

The old code for this product is: JJEP8800H

PROLENE Sutures are non-absorbable, sterile surgical sutures composed of polypropylene, a synthetic linear polyolefin. The suture is pigmented blue to enhance visibility. PROLENE Sutures are indicated for use in general soft tissue approximating and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic procedures, and neurological procedures.


  • 3/8 circle taper point everpoint
  • Physical material: Polypropylene
  • Construction: monofilament
  • Non-absorbable
  • Sterile
  • Tensile strength (wound support): long term wound support
  • Tensile strength retention in tissue: indefinite
  • Absorption time: non-absorbable
  • Frequent uses: General; Plastic; Cardiovascular surgery; skin closure and Ophthalmology


  • Needle Length: 13mm
  • Length: 90cm
  • Colour: blue
  • Gauge: 5/0 1
  • UOM: box/36
  • Image is sample of product
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