Mepitel One, One-Sided, Wound Contact Layer, 9cm x 10cm – Box/ 5

Mepitel One, One-Sided, Wound Contact Layer, 9cm x 10cm – Box/ 5


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Code: 10018537

Old Code: BO289270

Supplier Part: 289270

Unit: BOX 5

The old code for this product is: BO289270

Mepitel One is a one-sided gentle, durable, and safe to use wound dressing which has been redesigned to treat a wide range of exudating wounds such leg and foot ulcers, skin tears and abrasions, blistering, and partial/full thickness grafts.

Features & Benefits:

Mepitel One comes with Safetac adhesive technology to minimize patient discomfort and pain during dressing changes also providing optimal fixation lasting up to 14 days. Full transparency allowing patients to assess wounds without the need of wasting dressings. Mepitel is designed with an open mesh enabling free transfer of exudate to the secondary dressing and delivery of topical treatments to the wound bed. Includes pre-printed symbols which facilitates safe removal on skin tears with full or partial intact flap. Perforated structure allowing combination with gels.


  • Brand: Molnlycke
  • Product: Mepitel One Wound Dressing (BO289270)
  • Size: 9cm x 10cm
  • Unit of Measurement: Box of 5
  • Image is sample of product



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