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Diagnostic Tools & Diagnostics Equipment

Vital Medical Supplies has a large range of diagnostic tools and equipment suitable for use in medical practices, day surgeries and hospitals.

We stock stainless steel tuning forks which are widely used by general medical practitioners for simple hearing tests and for more sophisticated testing including vibratory sensation through bone and tissue structures.

Percussion hammers are used for reflex testing, the triangular-shaped rubber head is connected to a long, solid chrome steel handle designed for sure grip.

Our range of eye charts includes your standard vision chart, electronic aurora vision chart and Ishihara Colour Blindness Book.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on diagnostic tools and equipment.

Buy Diagnostic Tools & Diagnostics Equipment

Tuning Forks with Foot C256 Stainless Steel

RRP: $51.33 $31.90 ex GST Save: $19.43


RRP: $130.90 $108.90 ex GST Save: $22.00

Multi-Frequency Tuning Fork

RRP: $53.14 $42.90 ex GST Save: $10.24

Taylor Percussion Hammer - 20cm - Bydand

RRP: $18.41 $15.62 ex GST Save: $2.79

Laryngeal Mirror with Handle Size 6 22mm

RRP: $31.11 $26.40 ex GST Save: $4.71

Eye Chart E’s Direct 3m

RRP: $31.11 $25.25 ex GST Save: $5.86

Aurora Vision Chart

$324.50 ex GST


RRP: $44.72 $31.90 ex GST Save: $12.82

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