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High efficacy foaming alcohol sanitiser that works instantly to kill bacteria present on skin


Instant Action

Cutan® starts working immediately to rapidly kill bacteria, yeast and moulds.

Unique Foam Format & Economical In Use

Cutan® Hand Sanitiser spreads easily across the skin for maximum efficiency. Quickly and easily rubs across the hand with no drips or splashes.

Glove Compatible & Dermatologically Tested

Cutan® can be used prior to applying gloves. Formula has been tested to prove it is non-irritant.

Fast Drying & Non-tainting

Cutan® Foam Hand Sanitiser dries quickly with no need for rinsing or drying with towels. Proven non-tainting formula.

Conditions Skin & No Gelling Agents

Cutan® contains conditioner to help prevent skin dryness and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth for an excellent after feel. Leaves no sticky after feel; does not clog dispensers; leaves no mess.

High Efficacy Formula

Cutan® Hand Sanitiser is independently tested to the highest European standards, proven to kill 99.999& (log 5 reduction) of food poisoning bacteria, moulds and yeasts


Buy Cutan 400mL Alcohol Foam Hand Rub Online

Cutan® Alcohol Foam Antiseptic Handrub 400mL - Ctn/12

Cutan® Alcohol Foam Antiseptic Handrub 400mL - Ctn/12

$273.66 inc GST

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