Smith & Nephew CoolFAST and CoolGRIP Tubular Bandages

CoolGRIP and CoolFAST Tubular Elastic Bandages

CoolGRIP™ – Tubular Elastic Support Bandage

CoolGRIP is a tubular elastic support bandage ideal for the treatment of oedema associated with muscle sprains and strains, management and treatment of lymphoedema and symptoms of varicose vein conditions and to support weak joints and muscles.

  • The fine elastic threads are spaced close together, distributing pressure more evenly than conventional bandages.
  • Innovative mesh structure enhances air circulation to the skin,ensuring a more comfortable bandage, especially in warmer climates.
  • Made from cotton and polyester, with latex-free elastic threads.

CoolFAST™ – Tubular Retention Bandage

A tubular retention bandage ideal for securing dressings. CoolFAST can also be used to provide protection over creams or ointments used for dermatological purposes, such as eczema or wet wrapping.

  • CoolFAST has mild elastic properties provided by fine elastic threads incorporated into the fabric
  • Excellent stretch and contraction properties ensure that dressings are held securely in place
  • CoolFAST maintains its elasticity over a ling period due to its knit structure
  • CoolFAST is made from Viscose and Polyester, with latex free elastic threads inlaid into the bandage