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Bactol® Blue Hand Hygiene Range

Preventing infection transmission shouldn’t mean dry skin. Control infectious disease whilst preventing skin moisture loss.

You protect your patients, Bactol® Blue protects you 


Bactol® Blue

Bactol® Blue antibacterial hand rubs are designed to provide cleansing without water whilst maintaining the structural integrity of skin. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for dry skin
  • Keep skin feeling soft- Bactol is formulated with natural emollients to maintain skin integrity and prevent moisture loss
  • Antibacterial - Kills bacteria without water
  • pH balanced - Bactol antibacterial hand rubs are colour free and pH balanced to protect the skin from dryness and irritation
  •  EN 1500 compliant - Meets the recommendations of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative 
  • Alcohol concentration of 70% Ethanol v/v - As recommended by WHO for maximum efficacy*.


AUST R: 155397
*WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare, World Health Organisation, 2009
Always read the label. Use only as directed.


Click here for Education and Learning modules including 'How to sanitise hands’ 

Buy Bactol® Blue Products Online

Bactol® Alcohol Hand Gel 500mL Pump Bottle

Bactol® Alcohol Hand Gel 500mL Pump Bottle

RRP: $25.94 $21.85 inc GST Save: $4.09

Bactol® Alcohol Hand Gel Antibacterial Cleanser 1L - Ctn/6

Bactol® Alcohol Hand Gel Antibacterial Cleanser 1L - Ctn/6

$273.41 inc GST

6 x 1 Litre pods are designed for use in Whiteley dispensing systems (Manual and Automated Infrared Options Available)

Dispensing Systems
Our Bactol® products are available for use in Whiteley Automatic and Manual dispensing Systems, Hand Hygiene Stands, Bed Brackets and Wall Brackets.For more information visit our Hand Hygiene Dispenser page.


The McLaws Hand Hygiene Compliance Calculator™

Developed by renowned epidemiologist Professor Mary-Louise McLaws to improve hand hygiene compliance in hospitals.

Hand hygiene compliance is crucial within hospitals to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection from one patient to another. This simple calculator is designed to assess how many hand hygiene moments healthcare staff are performing daily and estimates the amount of hand hygiene product usage that is required to meet recommended compliance levels.

Is your facility hand hygiene compliant? Take a few moments to check your score! Use this simple calculator to assess how many hand hygiene moments your staff are performing. To find out more visit: https://www.whiteley.com.au/hand-hygiene-calculator/


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