Ear Irrigation Kits and Ear Syringe Products

Ear Irrigation Kits and Ear Syringes

Vital Medical Supplies has a large range of ear irrigation kits and ear syringes to buy online to enable healthcare professionals to remove a build up of cerumen (ear wax) from the ear canal.

The Projet 101 Ear Irrigation System which was designed by doctors to fulfil the most demanding surgeries and hospital wards, is a reliable, leak free and easy to use machine. It is inexpensive to run and does not require constant maintenance and subsequent down time.

The Phillips Self-Filling Lynam Pistol-Action ear syringe offers a quick and comfortable removal of ear wax along the outer ear canal. It features an ergonomic design for use with silicone tips, which help protects the patient’s ear during treatment. It offers extremely accurate treatment with fine spray, and is easily adjusted by the operator.

For more information on ear irrigation and ear syringes, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

Buy Ear Irrigation Kits and Ear Syringe Products

Projet 101 Ear Irrigation System

$489.50 ex GST

Bionix Safe Ear Curette Variety Kit

RRP: $147.62 $114.35 ex GST Save: $33.27

Bionix Variety Pack with Light and Magnification Lens

RRP: $207.49 $161.70 ex GST Save: $45.79

Phillips Manual Ear Syringe - Lynam Pistol-Action

RRP: $447.12 $324.50 ex GST Save: $122.62

Ear Syringe

RRP: $254.54 $207.90 ex GST Save: $46.64

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