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Op-Site Post-Op Film Dressing

A low allergy post-operative film dressing comprised of a low adherent absorbent pad and bacterial barrier top film to protect low risk incisions from secondary infection.

Features and Benefits

Moisture Responsive Film

OPSITE™ POST-OP Absorbent, Waterproof and Bacteria Proof Film Dressing is comprised of a moisture responsive film. This allows the film to react in the presence of moisture or water, keeping the skin surface dry helping the OPSITE post-operative dressing to stay in place at least twice as long as a non-woven dressing.

Bacterial barrier

The OPSITE POST-OP Dressing top film provides a bacterial barrier to protect the incision from bacterial contamination including resistant organisms such as Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, helping to prevent surgical site infections.


The OPSITE POST-OP Dressing incorporates a waterproof top film allowing patients to shower with the dressing in place to help maintain personal hygiene post-surgery.

Patient comfort

The OPSITE POST-OP Dressing is conformable and is designed to have a grid adhesive spread and round corners to help minimise the risk of post-operative blistering.

Easy to apply

The OPSITE POST-OP Dressing application handles allow easy application to the incision.