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Hypertension is one of the highest risk factors for chronic illnesses such as stroke, heart failure and cardiovascular disease. Now you can make the treatment of hypertension more effective with the Welch Allyn® ABPM 7100 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor. 

The ABPM 7100 uses powerful analysis technology to revolutionise the way you examine readings, prescribe drug therapy and support blood pressure management for your patients. 






Improves Patient Compliance

The ABPM 7100 is lightweight, compact and quiet to support patients' day to day activities and increase compliance. 

Tailored Drug Therapy for Hypertension

Not only does the ABPM 7100 diagnose hypertension, it also monitors the impacts of drug treatments on patients. 

Recued risk of Latex Allergy 

Welch Allyn® blood pressure monitors are made without latex, to reduce the risk of Type 1 Latex Allergy. 

Includes Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation Software

The ABPM 7100 is sold in conjunction with CardioPerfect Workstation Software to support reporting and analysis capabilities. 


CardioPerfect WorkStation Software


Statistics at a Glance

CPWS software summarises integral data such as systolic pulse, mean arterial pressure and heart rate.

Graphing Capabilities

View your patients' blood pressure profiles in the form of pie charts or histograms for day and night intervals or 24 hour periods. 


Edit your reports to breakdown the various components of your patients' blood pressure profiles. 

View Trends

Analyse the efficacy of blood pressure treatments with the trending tool. 


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Welch Allyn® ABPM 7100S with CardioPerfect WorkStation Software

Welch Allyn® ABPM 7100S with CardioPerfect WorkStation Software

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