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BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles

BD pen needles incorporate the following methods to optimize injection comfort:

  • Penta Point™ Comfort technology. After cutting the cannula to length, we shape the needle tip into a patented five-bevel design, which promotes more comfortable and easier insertion compared to a three-bevel needle.
  • Microbonded lubrication. We add a layer of microbonded lubrication while manufacturing the needle to help the needle more smoothly glide into skin.
  • Electropolishing. We use a manufacturing process that polishes the needle to a smooth finish, removing the very small blemishes and rough spots that could otherwise occur during manufacturing and cause painful skin tearing.

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BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Pen Needles 32G x 4mm - Box/100

RRP: $63.51 $53.90 ex GST Save: $9.61

Ultra-Fineā„¢ Pen Needles 31Gx5mm - Box/100

RRP: $59.88 $50.82 ex GST Save: $9.06