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Strengthening Medical GP Grants Program: Empowering Clinics for Improved Patient Outcomes

Vital Medical Supplies - Your Partner in Delivering Patient-Centric Healthcare Solutions

At Vital Medical Supplies, we acknowledge your persistent efforts towards improving patient care while also prioritising cost-efficiency. We are excited to introduce a remarkable opportunity that perfectly aligns with this commitment.

The Australian Government has generously allocated a fund of $220 million for the upcoming 2 years. This fund aims to strengthen General Practices and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHO) that meet the eligibility criteria. This is a unique opportunity, with each qualifying clinic having the potential to receive a grant ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

These funds can be channelled to introduce innovative practices, offer professional training, purchase advanced equipment, or conduct minor facility renovations. Additionally, considering the currently available small business asset write-off of $20,000, it can strongly assist your clinic in expansions and to further enhance the quality of health outcomes for your patients.

Investing in state-of-the-art upgrades and equipment is a significant way to augment patient services, notably enhancing the precision of early diagnoses through technologies like ABI. Offering additional services and leveraging advanced screening methods places your practice at the forefront of medical care, ensuring patients receive the most sophisticated care available.

Future-proofing your practice involves making conscious investments to enhance the patient experience. This could range from introducing the latest technology to providing backup solutions for vital equipment. This foresight ensures seamless healthcare delivery, even in challenging situations.

To apply for this grant, please complete the application form in the links below. Once completed, submit it to your Primary Health Network (PHN) or National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) by the 15th of June

At Vital Medical Supplies, we recognise the need to access quick and reliable information that will assist in making the best decision for your practice. This approach to investment goes beyond meeting grant criteria, extending to the core mission of all healthcare professionals: better patient care. The Vital Medical Supplies team has outlined the key clinical areas, as well as suitable products below, to help streamline your process of maximising this opportunity.

Enhancing Digital Health Capability

Embracing the digital revolution is integral to all modern healthcare practices, and a robust digital health capability will empower healthcare professionals to provide superior patient care. This upgrade can streamline data sharing and communication, providing more comprehensive, real-time insights into patients' conditions. Telemedicine capabilities can also be improved, allowing for remote consultations and monitoring. This forward-thinking approach aligns healthcare professionals with future industry standards, guaranteeing consistent and efficient healthcare delivery. Our range of digital health solutions and electronic health record systems can significantly enhance your healthcare facility's digital capability. Feel free to explore the suggested products below, which have been handpicked to help you and your clinic improve your digital health capabilities.

Suggested Products

Upgrading Infection Prevention and Control Arrangements

The ongoing threat of infectious respiratory diseases requires healthcare professionals to maintain stringent infection control practices, especially during this season. By upgrading infection prevention and control arrangements, professionals can assess patients face-to-face more safely, reducing the risk of disease transmission. This upgrade safeguards patients and practitioners, maintaining a secure and healthy environment. Our cutting-edge personal protective equipment, air filtration systems, and sterilisation tools can aid this upgrade. We invite you to delve into the selected products below, which can help your personnel fight against potentially infectious diseases in your clinic.


Sterilisation Accessories


Infection Control

Attaining Accreditation with RACGP Standards for
General Practice (5th Edition)

Accreditation against the RACGP Standards for General Practice signifies the highest level of quality and safety in general practice. It inspires confidence in patients and professionals and represents a commitment to continual improvement. Maintaining or achieving this accreditation will help healthcare professionals align their services with recognised industry best practices, offering patients reliable and superior care. Our suite of quality management and patient safety tools can assist healthcare professionals in achieving and maintaining RACGP accreditation. The unique products that have been specified below have been carefully selected to help you and your clinic promote quality and safety in general practice. 

Accreditation Products

MESI Medical


ECG and Accessories

Spirometry and Respiration

Medical Lighting


Blood Pressure

Height Adjustable Couch

Diagnostic Sets

Resuscitation Equipment

Glucose Monitoring

Sensation testing

Pulse Oximetry

Scales & Measurement

Visual Acuity Charts


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Should you require assistance determining the appropriate equipment or products to invest in for your healthcare practice, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of professionals. Connect with us via your internal sales professional or through vitalconsultant@vitalmed.com.au. Our team is equipped to recommend suitable upgrades, craft custom packages to optimally align with your practice, and assist with quotations and equipment procurement. The contact details of our Vital Medical Supplies consultants have been provided below for your convenience.

Vital Medical Supplies consultants:
Joena Brunt - WA, VIC - 0455 571 079
Martha Dixon - TAS, NSW, ACT - 0408 397 199
Monique Stivala - QLD, SA, NT - 0417 692 348

Our experts have the knowledge and insight to guide you in selecting the right tools that match your needs and circumstances. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each healthcare practice, we are committed to helping you identify the products and solutions that best serve your requirements.

To get more info about this grant program, please check out the resource links below. We hope you will make the most of this opportunity and continue doing fantastic work in patient care.

Download the Quick Reference Guide

Download the Grant Program Factsheet

Download the Grant Program Overview